INDIANA JONES - VIDEO GAME PITCH: For this project I was tasked with re-creating the adventurous spirit of the legendary explorer Indiana Jones for a video game pitch. Based on the brief I meticulously set the lighting and directed the talent to faithfully bring this iconic character to life. Sourcing all of the props, iconic wardrobe, and the talent I collaborated with the creative team to capture the essence of thrill and exploration that the game will promise. 
DEATHLOOP - VIDEO GAME PITCH: "What if Quentin Tarantino created a Blacksploitation video game?" This was our inspiration for imagining the visual world of Colt Vahn for the video game DeathLoop. Colt's mission is to find the "Eight Visionaries" responsible for the time loop and well, kill them. Taking cues from stylish 70's action films we utilized period specific wardrobe, vibrant graphics, and talent who were as unapologetically bold and rebellious as our filmic inspiration. And of course guns...lot's of guns.
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